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Browns Point Homes for Sale In Tacoma, WA.

Browns Point homes for sale in Tacoma, WA.

Browns Point is located in Pierce County, with Tacoma on the east and Puget Sound on all other sides. Located next to North East Tacoma.

Browns Point homes range from ramblers to three story with everything in between.They include 2-5 bedrooms with 2-4 bathrooms and range from 1,500sq ft-3,500sq ft.  Many homes have spectacular views of the Puget Sound and some even have access to the beach.

Browns Point is known for the Browns Point Lighthouse. Which is fully automated, you can take a tour of the lighthouse or even rent it. There is plenty of water front access and places to stop and enjoy a picnic. 

The Browns Point Improvement Club is turning Browns Point neighborhood into a great community. They put together events throughout the year, like the annual Salmon Bake.

You are in what feels like a small community yet you are close to everything, including The Federal Way Crossings they have plenty of restaurants and shops to choose from it could keep you busy all day.

Homes for sale in Browns Point Tacoma, WA.

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All Browns Point Homes for sale in Tacoma, WA.



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